If you’re managing your supply chain using a transportation management system (TMS) that is not supportive of today’s automated features like tracking and settlement, you are not alone. However, for many companies, the cost of developing or purchasing a new system is prohibitive. Thankfully, there’s another way: keep your TMS and add integrated data.

In his latest article on Forbes.com, RateLinx President Shannon Vaillancourt discusses how augmenting your current TMS with a data solution may be the most efficient and cost-effective solution to achieve enhanced intelligence and actionable insights. Shannon offers several tips for navigating improvements to avoid the trap of elusive results. To make the right decision, you’ll need to use good clean data to accurately diagnose the root cause of any problems. Next, it’s important to validate or test any changes or additive applications. From there, you can deploy the improvement within your current TMS, create the proper metrics to measure performance and use the data to create competitive advantage. For more, read Shannon’s Forbes article: ‘How To Augment A TMS For Supply Chain Intelligence.’

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