Many large shippers that outsourced freight payment to traditional third-party providers have experienced headaches and anxiety recently due to late or missed freight payments. The RateLinx freight payment solution uses clean data and advanced matching so shippers can pay carriers directly and access real-time intelligence.

Timely, Accurate Freight Payments

Our Intelligent Invoice Management (IIM) eliminates many of the freight payment issues that persistently plague logistics managers. The RateLinx platform simplifies complex freight payment operations and gives companies greater control for exception management and increased payment velocity. Unlike traditional third-party providers, IIM real-time captures and matches data from multiple streams, creating a clean, Integrated Data Foundation. Combining GL automation and accurate data enables shippers to quickly, confidently and directly pay carriers with zero rate tolerance ($0.03). This approach reduces overall transportation costs and strengthens relationships with carriers, valuable in a world class supply chain management strategy.


Intelligence from Invoice Management

A few months ago I spoke with about how our integrated platform is giving customers the supply chain data they need to avoid late payments and other problems. The article, ‘Tracing Supply Chain Payment Delays Back To Data Bottlenecks,’ shows how integrating data removes barriers of incomplete data, a common root cause of payment delay.

Another common pain point in the payment process is how to handle exceptions. notes in a recent article that according to an IDT survey, manual processes and invoice exceptions are among the largest pain points for AP departments. The move to intelligent processing removes these issues. IIM’s integrated data allows our customers to diagnose the underlying cause of exceptions, eliminating a manual process completely. IIM’s data integration also gives a full view to operational flows. This critical business intelligence lets companies manage their supply chain better, reduce costs, increase efficiency and guide overall strategy.

Transform Freight Payment

If you want to remove freight headaches and optimize your freight payment process, please drop me a note. I will be happy to talk about how our approach to Intelligent Invoice Management can help your company.