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RateLinx is the only logistics software provider to create integrated actionable data with no IT resources required. Our proprietary software integrates data to automate thousands of known supply chain decisions. Our team collaborates with you to find previously unknown opportunities. With our Radar Track & Trace℠ and Intelligent Invoice Management℠ RateLinx gives you complete visibility into your supply chain in real time, allowing you to develop and deploy strategies that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Discover Logistics in 3DDiscover Logistics in 3D
Radar Track & Trace - Intelligent Invoice Management


Diagnose problems easily with integrated data


Develop strategies to solve your most complex Supply Chain problems


Deploy strategies to create competitive advantage

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Radar Track & Trace


By integrating the entire lifecycle of an order with the carrier’s information, RateLinx Radar Track & Trace provides a more accurate freight tracking status. With real-time alerts, you’ll know if a shipment will be late before it leaves the dock.

Intelligent Invoice Management


First, we diagnose your current situation. Starting with clean, standardized data from Intelligent Invoice Management (IIM), we help you understand answers to the how and why. IIM automates data cleaning and standardizing, to obtain actionable data.

Radar Track & Trace timeline
Radar Track & Trace timeline

Inbound and Outbound Track & Trace

Get the visibility you need to prevent late inbound and outbound shipments. Only RateLinx Radar Track & Trace integrates the order data so you know where your shipment is every step of the way. Plus, you’ll be alerted if freight needs to be expedited before it leaves the dock.

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Integrated Data Intelligence

It’s the integration that makes RateLinx stand apart from other DaaS providers. It starts with integrating data, not just aggregating data. Using a single, powerful rating engine, RateLinx analytics converts the integrated data into real-time insights and Rate Modeling provides fast and accurate rate intelligence. That’s why we call it Integrated Data Intelligence.

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How Jaeckle Distributors Used RateLinx to Make Better Freight Management Decisions

Find Out the True Cost of Freight

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4 Data Sets into 1

IIM runs 24 hours a day, so carrier invoice, track & trace, shipment, and order data are integrated into one data set in real-time. With relevant, actionable integrated data identifying where decisions need to be made and actions taken, strategy and execution can be fine-tuned to save millions of dollars.

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