We’ve created a new supply chain solutions process at RateLinx called Logistics in 3D: Diagnose, Develop, Deploy. Our process is different than any other solutions on the market. We begin by listening and asking the right questions to get to the root cause of the problem with integrated data before tailoring a solution. Other providers skip to deployment in a one-size-fits-all approach. Companies are told (or rather sold) that deploying a particular solution will save them a ton of money. The provider explains that the company’s current system isn’t as sophisticated as this new one, and the new feature or function is going to unlock supply chain savings.

This isn’t always true: we find many companies already have the functionality required to achieve great savings. They simply need integrated data to solve the real problem.

Collecting and Integrating Data is the First Step

Our 3D supply chain solutions process is powerful, and we use it to guide all our interactions with prospects and customers. When we meet a company for the first time, our listening and questions allow us to get to the root cause of their problem. Many companies will begin talking to us about what they want to deploy and how the deployed software, or strategy is going to bring huge value. This is when we ask the simple question, ‘How do you know this deployment is going to bring value? Oftentimes the company has no answer. This is when we talk about our 3D process and how becoming data-driven will allow the company to diagnose the real issue, develop the right strategy, successfully deploy the strategy, and then measure the results of the strategy to ensure success.

The first step to becoming data-driven is to collect data. That’s what our Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM system (IIM) will do. IIM works in a way that allows for quick and easy diagnosis of the problem. Then, based on what the integrated data tells us, we collaborate with the company to add insight along with sharing best practices to create a strategy. After the strategy is deployed, IIM provides intelligent reporting in real-time which keeps the company on track to achieve their savings by showing all the potential leaks in the strategy.

Unlock Supply Chain Savings Quickly

The first stage, including asking questions and collecting data, typically takes about 30 days to diagnose the real problem. The development process is a real collaboration between all parties involved. If the root cause involves a carrier’s actions, we include them in the conversation with the shipper to develop the strategy that will work for everyone involved. If any modeling needs to occur to gain insight to transit times and cost, this is done in a couple of days. Our Managed Services team is invaluable during the deployment process. Because they are involved during the diagnosis process, the transition to the deployment process is seamless. The RateLinx team will jump in and do whatever is necessary to guide the customer and carrier and ensure that the strategy is deployed properly during this hyper-care period. The Managed Services team then stays engaged to ensure that all required changes are made successfully. We’re able to do this by monitoring the real-time analytics that are setup through IIM to ensure a successful deployment.

Manage Your Supply Chain with Integrated Data

Our Logistics in 3D: Diagnose, Develop, Deploy process is new, but this approach has been in place at RateLinx since the beginning. I’m an engineer by education, and that’s how I was taught to approach any challenge. Collect the right data through testing (diagnosis), apply the math to find a solution (develop), then implement the solution (deploy). If we can’t backup your deployed solution with the numbers, then we have failed. When I first got into this industry I was amazed at how solutions were put in place or processes were created ‘just because.’ Situations are not as simple as they appear on the surface. When you take a closer look, it’s clear that the numbers never lie and always guide a better way than ‘just because.’ It’s the integrated data from IIM that will allow you to quickly and easily diagnose the issues to unlock huge supply chain savings, not some new system. This is the value that the 3D process provides our customer huge savings.

Would you like to learn how you can unlock huge supply chain saving and manage your supply chain with Logistics in 3D? Send me a note to get the conversation started.