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Auction Module

Take full advantage of ShipLinx TMS software to lower your freight costs with the RateLinx Auction Module shipping software. Auction Module lets you obtain the optimal spot rate through a competitive reverse auction regardless of location, origin or destination. Leverage existing carriers or add additional carriers to any auction.

The Auction Module uses market intelligence to take advantage of backhaul opportunities by optimizing all spot quotes – truckload, air, ocean, multi-stop or intermodal. The result is a significant decrease in the average cost of spot quote shipments along with an easier, streamlined process. With Auction Module, auction efficiency and greater savings can begin immediately.

Connecting the Price to the Invoice

The challenge with an Auction or OTO (one-time-only) quote is how to connect the price back to the invoice when it arrives. With RateLinx, the shipment data is integrated to the invoice, so it happens automatically. There is also no need to require the carrier to capture reference fields off the Bill of Lading to be transmitted with the freight invoice, because that happens automatically through the shipment and invoice data integration.

Pickup and delivery information can also be captured. When used with our Mobile App, you can capture pickup and delivery confirmation in real-time and include a signature for both events.

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Auction Module Snapshot
  • Initial bids based on market intelligence
  • Ability to audit all spot quotes
  • Auction timed to maximize results
  • Leverage analytics for future
  • Carrier Development Tool
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