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Client Success

Power Sales Saved Thousands of Labor Hours and Cut Label Printing Time by 83%

ShipLinx TMS Optimization, Automation, and Integration Saved Time and Eliminated Double Shipments

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Power Sales and Advertising

Batch label printing transformed our peak season! We now have error notifications, precise counts, and we’ve saved so much time. No more missing or extra shipments—game changer!

– Scott Wolfer, process analyst, Power Sales
Power Sales and Advertising

RateLinx has been everything Power Sales hoped for and more. Denise continuously provides us stellar service patiently walking us through all the issues unique to our installation. We made it through our busy season with a record number of shipments thanks to the fine people at RateLinx. We only wish we would have heard about you sooner.

– Steve Roberts, IT director, Power Sales


Since 1975, Power Sales and Advertising (Power Sales) has been a master distributor to the premium and incentive industry. As a customer-first company, Power Sales strove to set a new standard for customer satisfaction. To reach that goal, they needed to optimize their shipping and freight management. Power Sales wanted to improve shipping processes to cut labor inefficiencies.


Power Sales chose ShipLinx TMS to improve their shipping processes. ShipLinx TMS was easy to use and to implement, and Power Sales saw improvements like increased accuracy and efficiency right away. ShipLinx TMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 automated and expedited parcel label printing and nearly eliminated duplicate order shipments.

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Dynamics 365


  • Time-intensive process for resolving customer service issues

  • Shipping 100 of the same item to 100 different customers was a slow process

  • Hand-typed labels for orders often had typos or were missed

  • Manual process for weighing packages and getting dimensions to print labels

  • Separate processes for singles, batch, multi-line, non-packer traditional, and mobile non-packer

  • Unknown what shipped today, how much shipped today, and what types of boxes were shipped

  • Delivery delays caused by too much system downtime

  • Poor technical support

  • Unable to provide cost savings opportunities

  • Printed duplicate labels led to unnecessary and expensive shipping of duplicates


Benefits Power Sales realized with ShipLinx TMS

  • Improved customer satisfaction, issues were quickly resolved with all orders in one place and real-time tracking for multi-carrier parcels
  • 99% of duplicate shipments were eliminated – reducing inventory costs – with easy, accurate, fast-batch label printing and alerts
  • Saved time by eliminating manual weighing and dimension measuring of items in shipments
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy by eliminating manual data entry for orders
  • Increased revenue by shipping more orders faster with time and efficiency gains
  • Found cost savings opportunities and hit shipping goals with reporting and dashboards clearly showing daily shipments, volume, and box types
  • Delivery delays eliminated with 100% system up-time and Scottsdale-based expert technical support

Unveil the secrets to Power Sales shipping achievements with ShipLinx TMS and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Download the full client success story with even more metrics!

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