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With rich industry and development experience, our team has the expertise you need to get the most out of your supply chain.

President, Founder

Shannon Vaillancourt is president and founder of RateLinx. He started the company in 2002 with the idea that there was a better way to give companies complete visibility to their supply chain. Since then, RateLinx has become a leading supply chain software and data services company with the only integrated Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) technology platform. RateLinx allows companies to gain access to the right data to create world-class logistics strategy, improve supply chain management, solve problems and reduce costs.

Leadership Team

Executive Vice President

As Executive Vice President of RateLinx, Frank Locascio helps drive the focus of enhancing software development and long-term technical goals. Frank plays a key role in innovating and transforming sophisticated supply chain planning into effective and predictive…

Chief Operations Officer

Rob Finley is Chief Operations Officer for RateLinx and leads the Strategy Deployment process for ensuring collaborative growth. With the unwavering perspective to see things from the users’ point of view, Rob pairs a background in finance with a passion…

Chief Commercial Officer

With over 30 years in the supply chain and logistics industry, Steve Horler joined RateLinx as Chief Commercial Officer and drives the commercial strategy within RateLinx. He focuses on bringing value to businesses by turning their supply chain and logistics from a tactical necessity to a strategic asset.

Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Alliances

With a passion to help companies harness the opportunity of big data to substantially improve their supply chain and logistics visibility and performance, Nate Endicott joined RateLinx in 2014 as Vice President of Strategic Accounts. Endicott is an expert…

Director of Marketing

Combining branding insights and digital marketing expertise with a deep understanding of automation, Cory Comer helps RateLinx educate the market on our data-first approach and share our story of how Integrated Data Intelligence allows companies…

Director of Data Quality

As Director of Data Quality, Amanda Xiong drives the focus to ensure quality business solutions and processes are in place to continuously improve RateLinx operations.

RateLinx Team Members Are:


Ideas are vital for success. We embrace unique ideas to improve upon industry change to create value for our customers.​


Engage, do what you say, attend to details. Going beyond the expected, we are committed to and accountable to ourselves, our team and our customers.​

Knowledgeable & Confident

Asking the right questions builds confidence to make the best decision. Our thought-leading approach to supply chain management created a company that leads the customer with confidence, and is the provider of choice because of our unique level of knowledge.


Do it, now. To meet our customer’s customized needs, we deliver shipping and logistics knowledge through ongoing and open communication – always with a sense of urgency.​


We are resourceful and quick. We quickly learn and understand our customer’s complex supply chain and unique needs to continually grow alongside and move faster than the industry.​


Together we are better. We respect and recognize the value each individual contributes. We are a talented team who listens to and works with our customers to create the best experience and solution.

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