Supply chain leaders have already faced substantial challenges in 2020, and the changes aren’t going to slow down any time soon. It’s important to stay in the know on the latest issues, opportunities, and trends.

Industry podcasts are a great way to hear from some of the brightest minds in the business. Above all, it’s easy to download the latest episode, pop in your earbuds, and get the scoop on what’s happening.

Whether you’re an avid podcast aficionado already or new to the trend, finding one or two shows to add to your rotation is easy. Here are 13 worth considering.

Supply Chain Revolution

Supply Chain Revolution looks beyond the everyday nuts and bolts of logistics to the people, places, and systems behind the industry. The theme of the show challenges traditional norms and asks “why” when it comes to bold concepts and new ideas. It’s a relatively new podcast, but hosted by a supply chain veteran: the Supply Chain Queen herself, Sheri Hinish. Sheri and her guests tackle an assortment of topics, covering everything from analog vs. digital, to price vs. value, to the innovation of today that’ll develop the supply chains of tomorrow. 


If you’re looking for a docuseries-style podcast with a linear narrative, Containers is a quick listen that’s extremely insightful. Originally released in 2017, the series features eight 30-minute episodes that discuss global trade and the increasing reliance on more robust, complex supply chain management practices. Hosted by Alexis Madrigal, it’s a great series to burn through in a weekend and one you’ll find yourself thinking about long after you’ve finished. It’s also a great primer for those new to the world of supply chain podcasts. 

Talking Logistics

Talking Logistics has the broadest scope of any podcast on this list. It’s a great listen for those interested in the bigger picture around the supply chain (as we all should be). Hosted by Adrian Gonzalez, the show welcomes recognized experts to talk specifics about different aspects of supply chain technology, logistics, services, and challenges. With an episode backlog of more than 200 shows and a new 30-minute edition every week, Talking Logistics is one you’ll want to keep in your rotation.

Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Hosted by Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Let’s Talk Supply Chain is a supply chain podcast made with, by, and for supply chain experts. Sarah is widely considered one of the leading experts on collaboration and synergies within global supply chains. In addition, she frequently hosts other industry experts with diverse backgrounds. Let’s Talk Supply Chain releases a new 45-minute episode weekly and has a conversational structure with candid insights and information. As a result, it’s an easy podcast to add to your rotation. 

Straight Talk with Supply Chain Insights

Lora Cecere hosts Straight Talk With Supply Chain Insights, an action-focused supply chain podcast meant to encourage and enable industry leaders to effect change. The show is heavily researched-based, often delving into the ramifications of new studies, trends, technologies, and news. Lora examines how these things affect and shape the decision-making of supply chain professionals. Episodes range from just five minutes to between 15-20, with more complex topics spread out over multiple episodes. 

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Supply Chain Brain 

Hosted by Bob Bowman, managing editor of the eponymous website, Supply Chain Brain is a great conversational-style podcast that welcomes new listeners with intriguing, topical episodes. Above all, this supply chain podcast takes a top-down, broad international view of global trade and logistics. Guest speakers include supply chain professionals, academics, consultants, legislators and more, each contributing insights on the theme of the episode. At 15-20 minutes per episode, it’s a quick listen that’ll broaden the way you think about supply chain. 

Inbound Logistics

Thought leaders from across the supply chain flock to Inbound Logistics to make their voice heard, in a Q&A format with host Keith Biondo. The show’s focus is on third-party logistics and how supply chains adapt to current events and challenges. Furthermore, its guests range from Presidents and CEOs, to continuous improvement specialists, to environmental officers and beyond. Each delivers a world-class perspective on supply chain challenges and opportunities. Because most episodes don’t eclipse the 20-minute mark, this is an easy show to add to your rotation. Expect a new episode every 7-11 days. 

Supply Chain Now

Supply Chain Now tells you everything you need to know in its tagline: “Spotlighting the best in all things supply chain.” In other words, the show covers everything and anything having to do with advancements in supply chain. This includes technologies, best practices, perspectives, and even recent case studies. It’s a supply chain podcast meant to help professionals improve their approach to logistics management. Because of the end-to-end coverage of supply chain, it is a broadly-applicable show, no matter your role in the industry. Scott Luton and a rotating panel of other hosts turn out new episodes virtually daily. Start with the latest episodes, and dive into the 400+ episode library for more.

TECHquila Sunrise

TECHquila sunrise, a new series part of Supply Chain Now hosted by Greg White, shares the latest on supply chain technology, investments, acquisitions, and innovations. In addition, he dives into who’s winning, who’s waning, and who’s whining. New episodes release weekly “at an unholy hour of the day, and unfortunately without the aid of coffee, tequila or intoxicants of any kind.” Jumpstart your early mornings with a 20-minute episode of the happenings and rules of investing in supply chain technology. 


One of the newest supply chain podcasts to hit the airwaves, CSCMPodcast already has a massive following. Why? Because it’s a product of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals—the de-facto leadership organization for industry professionals. Not only does this podcast feature some of the most insightful guests from around the industry, but it dives deep into the nuanced challenges facing supply chains today. Beyond the buzzwords, this show offers academic-level coverage to listeners who want to hone their leadership and broaden their capabilities. 

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast

Listen to host Radu Palamariu pick the brains of industry experts on the aptly-named Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics Podcast. This show offers a candid look at the way different supply chain leaders embrace change within the industry and how they think about the value of their decisions. The leadership interviewed on the show is diverse, delivering equally varied perspectives on management styles and decision-making approaches. And at 30-45 minutes per episode with some complex topics, it’s a supply chain podcast that deserves your undivided attention. 

FreightWaves Podcasts

FreightWaves has been a mainstay for supply chain insights and reporting for years. It’s no surprise they host not one, but nearly a dozen different podcasts — all relevant to supply chain professionals. Each show offers a different focus and perspective on the industry, from the What the Truck? Podcast covering industry news, to the FreightWaves Insiders show that interviews top 3PLs from around the world. Experiment with a couple or listen to them all for a comprehensive look at the state of supply chain today. However, beware—most episodes are 45 minutes long, which can quickly lead to a backlog if you’re keeping up with each “FreightCast.”

Logistics Matters with DC Velocity

Logistics Matters with DC Velocity is a great weekly podcast to add to your rotation—the episodes rarely breach 20 minutes. Each episode gets straight to the point, discussing logistics, material handling, and supply chain news in-depth with a knowledgeable guest. The show itself is fairly new, but has quickly carved out a spot because it’s backed by DC Velocity. As a result, they have long proved themselves as a destination for reputable insights and information on all things supply chain, freight handling, technology, and globalization. 

Listen to What the Leaders Have to Say

Supply chain professionals need to stay in-the-know, on top of emerging trends and challenges. Therefore, it’s important to listen to industry voices and what the experts have to say. What better way than tapping into a podcast?

Check out the above shows wherever you listen to podcasts. After that, for more insight into everything changing in the realm of logistics, follow these supply chain experts on social media.