Use Case

Fortune 500 company saves 20% across all modes of freight.

A manufacturing and distribution organization achieves big cost‑savings and quick ROI while re‑engineering its logistics operation through optimization and automation.

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Locations adopted

Company rolled-out complete global TMS and freight audit to more than 400+ locations (25 BUs) with more than 250 carriers.

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Days to implement

The new logistics intelligence system delivered a time-to-value of less than 90 days.

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savings across all modes

With more than $250M in freight spend, the company saved 20% across all modes.


During a period of sagging market conditions, a Fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution company set out to find a transportation management system to bring visibility and real-time insights into two dozen subsidiary companies and their systems. The company’s large scale, variety of products, and global reach make it an industry powerhouse.

Despite using innovative technology and design in its products, the company’s transportation management approach was antiquated—a mix of outdated, manual, stand-alone systems, and tracking methods inherited from the subsidiaries in its portfolio. The organization was surrounded by data, but lacked the tools to bring it all together and create the insights needed to optimize its shipping. 


The company would continue to make less-than-optimal decisions based on misleading, delayed, inaccurate, or incomplete information.

“It was difficult for me to design and deploy a global logistics strategy when I didn’t have any data. We were relying on opinion rather than data or fact.”

—Logistics Director
Fortune 500 Manufacturing Distribution Company


Data quality reduces manual work and empowers process automation to drive shipment optimization, quick cost-savings and ROI .

AutoMate Processes

Reduce manual work. Automate exception handling and eliminate rate tolerances.

Reduce Costs

Drive margin enhancements through competition and process automation.

Improve Service

Power sustainable, profitable growth by enhancing customer experience.

optimized transportation

Automated Freight Insights

rapid deployment & roi

“RateLinx enables you to change logistics from a tactical necessity to a strategic asset to the organization.”


Gleaning operational cost-savings doesn’t have to be mired in long and costly implementations. Instead, technology is empowering new approaches to data management that speed implementation and deployment while delivering insights to make better decisions, quickly and easily.

RateLinx is named in 4 Gartner® Market Guides.

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