I am pleased to share that RateLinx has automated courier shipments in ShipLinx TMS, expanding the platform to include Day Runner on-demand courier services. RateLinx customers can now manage their Day Runner courier deliveries as seamlessly as their other shipments.

Creating Competitive Advantage

We take great care to listen to our customers and diagnose their problems accurately to develop and deploy strategies that not only solve their problems but create a competitive advantage. One of the common stories we hear regularly is most companies find the manual process surrounding courier shipments to be burdensome. It’s difficult to know when the package is picked up and when (or if) the package was delivered. In turn, the invoicing usually occurs outside of the general transportation management system so there is little historical data available to even create a courier strategy.

Why Not Automate?

Given our “Why Not Automate?” philosophy, we looked at how the routine, tactical decisions surrounding courier shipments could be automated. Similar to ShipLinx’ truckload Auction Module, customers select the service option that best matches their needs for a particular delivery. Then, instead of making manual (and perhaps multiple) phone calls to learn the status of the courier shipment, Radar Track and TraceSM steps in to provide accurate real-time pickup and delivery information. Courier invoicing and payments are streamlined through Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM which provides not only payment, but data capture for analytics. ShipLinx is the only TMS that allows customers to manage their courier shipments with this level of visibility, speed and efficiency.

Day Runner Customized Courier Networks

Day Runner will work with RateLinx customers to create customized courier networks in their metropolitan areas and currently offers on-demand delivery for consumers and enterprises in 18 major U.S. cities. Using its proprietary technology platform, Day Runner offers a flexible network of uniformed Runners for a single delivery, overflow assistance or fleet replacement.

If you would like to learn more about our value-added, automated courier shipments with ShipLinx TMS, please reach out to me. You can also read the full press release here.

Published by Shannon Vaillancourt in News & Events

Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt is president and founder of RateLinx. With a vision to harness the opportunity of big data he developed the innovative integrated supply chain and logistics management software suite. Since launching in 2002, Shannon has led RateLinx software implementation initiatives with more than 300 integrations in 10,000 locations customized for individual customer needs. He designed the unique predictive modeling engine that allows businesses of all sizes to experience freight savings faster in real-time and at a much higher level than ever before through Integrated Shipping Intelligence℠.


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