RateLinx has attended Logistics & Supply Chain Forum for six years, and this year’s conference was great as usual. Most of the companies we met were looking for solutions to their data problems. Many people we talked with shared stories of trying to make shipping decisions while having to wait for a frustrating amount of time to pull data—or more difficult yet, having to make shipping decisions without the data. Our discussions consistently were focused on obtaining data, which is at the heart of our Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM (IIM).

The format of the forum allows us to meet many interesting companies, and this year we had the opportunity to talk with folks with some very interesting stories. We were able to ask the right questions to understand what issues they’re having and how we may be able to help. We were grateful to continue conversations from the Spring Conference and even last year’s Fall Conference, and we started some great conversations with new attendees.

Managed Services Eases Burden of Tactical Tasks

It was particularly rewarding to discuss with repeat attendees that RateLinx Managed Services can now help them. In past conversations, it was clear that a managed services program would serve the needs of some companies. Now that we’re able to offer it, it’s a great solution for those looking to streamline their logistics and focus more on their company’s strategy. We explained that RateLinx can extend its support with Managed Services to perform more of the tactical tasks that they were hoping to offload, which really resonated with them.

One of the conversations we had with an attendee highlighted how our Managed Services combined with our technology can help solve their company’s particular problem. The attendee was tasked with organizing their company’s logistics department. The company was growing and has hit a point where they need to deploy some strategies for logistics to help them keep their costs down. The company has a logistics department of one, and has no technology (outside of Excel) to manage their freight.

Obtaining Data Shows the Right Place to Start

We explained how we can begin with IIM to gather the data needed to diagnose the right place to start. Our Managed Services team can work with the department of one, and supply the data needed to decide which mode of freight to begin with. Then our Managed Services team can go to work using the data to perform an RFP on the first mode of freight. The new rates and strategy can then be deployed in ShipLinx which will provide an easy to use solution to utilize the optimal carrier on each shipment.  Then IIM will be used to measure the results to show the successful implementation of the strategy.

We are already looking forward to more great conversations at the Spring 2018 Logistics & Supply Chain Forum. If you would like to learn more about how you can obtain the data you need, or how RateLinx Managed Services can relieve you of some of your tactical tasks, send me an email. We will be happy to listen, and ask the right questions so you know the right place to start.

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Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt is president and founder of RateLinx. With a vision to harness the opportunity of big data he developed the innovative integrated supply chain and logistics management software suite. Since launching in 2002, Shannon has led RateLinx software implementation initiatives with more than 300 integrations in 10,000 locations customized for individual customer needs. He designed the unique predictive modeling engine that allows businesses of all sizes to experience freight savings faster in real-time and at a much higher level than ever before through Integrated Shipping Intelligence℠.


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