From our integrated DaaS technology platform to our collaborative approach with customer support, RateLinx offers a supply chain solution unlike any other in the market. Providing true data intelligence using an integrated data foundation is what sets us apart. The support side is arguably where the rubber meets the road. If a company does not have a guide on its data-driven journey, they most likely won’t reach their destination. This is where our Managed Services play a big role in our customers’ success. Our team guides them to achieve their goals, which often include solving complex problems for significant cost savings.

Accelerating Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain Visibility

Companies partner with RateLinx because we help them solve problems through our services and technology. Our “Diagnose, Develop, Deploy” 3D approach to solving problems is used during all phases of a customer’s journey with us. After the RateLinx installation is live for our customer, Managed Services takes over and continues to guide the customer through their data-driven journey. The Managed Services team knows how to ask the right questions to diagnose the real problem, and then collaborates with the customer to develop a tailored solution. Once deployed, the Managed Services team creates the right KPIs, reports, and alerts that will provide the real-time intelligence and visibility to ensure that the intended financial impact is realized. To say it more simply, Managed Services helps by accelerating intelligence for our customers. With today’s complicated supply chains, there’s always an issue to resolve. As a result, our team is always using our 3D approach with customers.

RateLinx Managed Services Come Standard

The most common complaint we hear from prospects about other supply chain solutions is that they offer no intelligence. Prospects must focus on the tactical tasks to keep everything running instead of leveraging the data to gain the intelligence that they need. We find that the lack of intelligence is due to deploying a solution before diagnosing the root cause of the problem. The deployed solution may have support and training, but it’s all hourly fee-based. This means it behooves the solution provider to take their time, make it complicated, and not solve the root cause of the problem. This fee structure does not reward speed or accuracy. At RateLinx, our Managed Services are a standard part of our solution, with no separate hourly fees. The team interacts with our customers on an ongoing basis in every way possible – email, calls, text, chat and in-person meetings.

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The Real Value of Managed Services

Our Managed Services team members all have backgrounds rooted in finance, with a wide range of knowledge and experience. All our customers are faced with the same constraint: a budget. If companies didn’t have budgetary constraints, their supply chains would be the fastest in the world. Some might argue that Amazon fits this description, and accordingly, their speed is being used as the measuring stick today. Our Managed Services team has the experience to understand the financial impact of a solution while being fiscally responsible within the customer’s budget. Ultimately our customers are looking to maximize the value that they are receiving from their assets and investments. That’s where RateLinx delivers.

Using RFPs for Effective Carrier Performance Measurement

Leveraging our solution’s integrated data foundation, performing a carrier RFP and measuring carrier performance are the two most common examples of how Managed Services delivers value to our customers. Since 2006 we’ve been helping customers with these two aspects of supply chain planning and logistics management.

The Managed Services team uses the customer’s integrated data foundation to create an objective and collaborative approach to sourcing rates during an RFP. The constraints existing in a shipper’s current system are built into the modeling environment to ensure the resulting rates can be operationalized in their current processes and systems. Then the Savings and Lost Savings KPIs created by the team are used to measure and monitor the successful deployment of the rates. Shipments that weren’t executed with the deployed carriers and rules are easily identified, which allows you to diagnose the root cause of the problem that would have otherwise prevented you from achieving your savings goal. The Lost Savings KPI is sometimes called the Rate Leakage KPI, which measures the leakage that a customer may be experiencing based on capacity constraints. This is how our customers take advantage of the RateLinx integrated data foundation to measure and monitor carrier performance, and just one example of how the platform delivers intelligence.

If you’d like to speak with me about how RateLinx Managed Services can help you on your data-driven journey to accelerate the intelligence within your organization, send me an email and we will start by asking the right questions.

Published by Shannon Vaillancourt in Managed Transportation Services (MTS)

Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt

Shannon Vaillancourt is president and founder of RateLinx. He started the company in 2002 with the idea that there was a better way to give companies complete visibility to their supply chain. Since then, RateLinx has become a leading supply chain software and data services company with the only integrated Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) technology platform. RateLinx allows companies to gain access to the right data to create world-class logistics strategy, improve supply chain management, solve problems and reduce costs.


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