No IT RequiredRecently the freight market has been in favor of the carrier and I believe this will continue for the foreseeable future. For shippers, this means creating mutually beneficial relationships with carriers is extremely important. There’s a lot at stake for shippers, who must figure out how to mitigate pending rate increases and still receive capacity from the carriers. To do this, your company must become a ‘shipper of choice’ so carriers will want to haul your freight, because their overall cost is lower.

As one of the logistics industry’s leading innovators, RateLinx has developed a number of strategies your company can use to improve carrier relations and create mutually beneficial freight management and payment systems. The following is the first part of a compilation of blogs I’ve written on becoming a shipper of choice think of it as your roadmap to improving efficiency, reducing your freight spend and fostering better communication with your carriers. What’s more, you obtain the actionable data you need for this journey without internal IT support.

Coming Soon – Shipper of Choice Blog Compilation!