Flair Packaging chose RateLinx as TMS, Real-Time Visibility, Freight Audit, and Data Provider

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (May 19, 2022) – RateLinx, a leader in supply chain, logistics, transportation, visibility, and payment platforms, today announced its complete solution was selected by Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation to improve service, reduce costs, and make great decisions—faster and easier. 

With RateLinx’s complete solution (TMS, real-time visibility, freight invoice management, data, analytics, modeling, and optimization), Flair Packaging will be able to optimize, execute, and analyze strategies in their global transportation network, from shipment to invoice—all in one place. 

“We were looking for a partner to remove the manual efforts around invoice management and gain 100% visibility around cost and performance,” states Greg Cornette, Director of Corporate Logistics at Flair Packaging. “With RateLinx, we will have complete access to freight and shipment data to reduce performance improvement decision times and maximize resource effectiveness.”

Flair Packaging requires the agility needed to adjust in real-time in today’s competitive environment. The Flair Packaging team needed a tailored solution fitted to the organization. RateLinx’s unrivaled, progressive technology delivers complete logistics data in a single platform. The platform provides accurate data, advanced analytics, and insights to power world-class performance across orders, tracking, and invoices. 

“We are honored Flair Packaging chose to partner with RateLinx,” says RateLinx Founder and President, Shannon Vaillancourt. “In implementing the complete RateLinx solution, Flair Packaging will gain a competitive advantage by leveraging quality data in real-time and eliminating non-value-added work occurring within the organization.”

To learn more about how RateLinx delivers complete logistics data in a single platform for companies like Flair Packaging, visit ratelinx.com.

About RateLinx

Founded in 2002 and based in Scottsdale, Arizona, RateLinx is a complete Supply Chain & Logistics shipping, visibility, and payment platform built on data quality to provide predictive analytics and prescriptive actions. The RateLinx ecosystem is designed to reduce logistics costs and optimize operations, providing companies with shipment management, supply chain visibility, and financial settlement solutions. RateLinx is a self-funded and debt-free, award-winning company and recognized thought-leader in the logistics space. To learn more, visit ratelinx.com.

About Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation

Market-driven & customer-focused since 1992, Flair Flexible is a fully-integrated packaging manufacturer focused on comprehensive support & solutions for your packaging needs, no matter your size or budget. From custom COEX & laminated films to recyclable structures & texturized designs, our packaging professionals collaborate with your brand to tailor solutions to your product, process & end-user specifications.

Complete with GFSI-recognized FSSC22000 certification of our food safety management system, our products are FDA, USDA & CFIA-compliant for safe solutions that you can rely on. 


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