The Challenge

Founded by Harvey Jaeckle in 1958, Jaeckle Distributors is a respected flooring and surfacing product distributor that supplies retail chains and surfacing fabricators with products and materials in an eight-state region in the upper Midwest.

Jaeckle has earned a sterling reputation in the flooring industry for its commitment to customer service, something it quantifies in an internal metric the company created called the Distributor Service Index. The DSI is calculated by the company’s performance in five areas: Warehouse Accuracy (percentage of orders filled correctly), Customer Service Accuracy, Days to Resolve Claims, Inventory Fill Rate (the percentage of stocking items that are on hand and available at the time of order), and Invoicing Accuracy.

Jaeckle maintains an impressive record in all these areas, but knew – that despite the accuracy of its invoicing for customers – it didn’t have the real-time and detailed shipping data it needed to analyze and optimize its freight spend.

Shawn Gagg, Jaeckle’s Chief Information Officer, says, “[We were] managing things on a very macro level. We did not have a way to capture cost at an order level. We wanted to analyze freight and profitability by customer and order so it was really important for us to have a tool and a model to capture detailed data.

“Prior to our work with RateLinx, we would review what we spent on freight and what our delivery fees were over a given period of time so we would know how much of the freight cost we were recovering.”