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ShipLinx Transportation Management System Software

ShipLinx TMS software is the heart of RateLinx Enterprise Suite. Customized to your preferences, our TMS integrates with any ERP/WMS to make processing shipments faster and less costly. Based on your needs, data collection can include order number, customer ID, item number or any data capture you find helpful.

ShipLinx TMS streamlines global shipping with any carrier, any location, for all modes of freight (small parcel, LTL, truckload, ocean, air , expedited, rail, etc.) for 25 to 250,000 shipments daily. ShipLinx TMS is small parcel compliant for all major providers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, OnTrac, Purolator, Loomis, Canpar, Canada Post and more.


Powerful Rating Engine

ShipLinx TMS was developed with a very easy-to-use API providing the same capabilities users have on the front-end. A sole Rating Engine enforces all of a carrier’s rating and shipping rules in an integrated ecosystem. None of the logic is on the front-end. This is what allows the dynamic invoice payment system, Intelligent Invoice Management, to link the order, shipment and invoice data together. The Rating Engine also allows your custom routing rules in the TMS to be used during Rate Modeling to discover where opportunities exist to reduce costs or increase efficiency. This ecosystem design not only lowers maintenance costs, it increases accuracy. When new pricing agreements are completed, rates are set up just once and with one click, the rates are pushed to the TMS, invoice payment system and analytics.


This comprehensive web- or premise-based software offers Anywhere-to-Anywhere rating for all carriers and services, and features the Auto-Updater to seamlessly manage rate changes and versions across your company’s divisions and locations.

Planning and Execution

ShipLinx is one of the few Transportation Management Systems that can offer planning of the order and the execution of the shipment. Freight rates, shipment information and tracking numbers populate in the ERP/WMS when packages ship. Execution becomes even more efficient because planning is an integral part of the Rating Engine’s integrated ecosystem:

  • the order is integrated with the planning,
  • the planning is integrated with the shipping,
  • the shipping is integrated with the invoice,
  • the invoice is integrated with the modeling, and
  • the modeling is integrated with the planning.

By batching orders, ShipLinx TMS evaluates your shipping activity to choose the most efficient mode and carrier for each shipment.

How to get Started

Many companies will start with our dynamic invoice payment system, Intelligent Invoice Management, to gain visibility into their supply chain. ShipLinx TMS is then used as an analytics engine to show what opportunities may exist and what profit leaks need to be plugged. You can then make changes using your current TMS or look to use pieces of the ShipLinx TMS to plug these gaps. Often we’ll see shippers will use the Auction module in ShipLinx TMS to test its effectiveness before they roll this out to their entire enterprise. Or they’ll deploy ShipLinx TMS at a location that doesn’t have a TMS and is using a static routing guide.

ShipLinx and ShipLinx4 are also available as a technology only offering.

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