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Transforming Global Logistics into a Data-Driven Machine
Fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution organization re-engineers its complete shipping operations with real-time insights and drives 20% cost-savings across all modes.

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“It was very difficult for me to design and deploy a global logistics strategy when I didn’t have any data. We were relying on opinion rather than data or fact.”

Logistics Director
Fortune 500 Manufacturing and Distribution Company

Are your cost-savings decisions truly data-driven?

In today’s technology stacks, data abounds. However, combining order and invoice datasets to provide the proper context for logistics decisions proves challenging for even the most sophisticated companies.

learn how the company:

Found Scalability

Drove insights across multiple BUs and ERPs with 400+ locations.

Added Visibility

Transactional visibility adds transparency & insights to decisions.

Delivered Cost-Savings

The company realized 20% savings across all modes of transport.

We’re proud to support world-class supply chains.

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Fortune 500 Manufacturing Distribution Company

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