The technology provider delivers an all-in-one logistics data platform to power supply chain cost-savings. 

MADISON, WI (September 16, 2019) – Madison-based RateLinx, a leading logistics data and technology provider, unveiled its Data-as-a-Strategy solution. The system is designed to deliver complete logistics intelligence in a single platform, offering customers unprecedented analysis to drive cost-savings.

Today, shippers face increasing pressure across the supply chain. As demands are forcing companies to increase service, cost efficiencies are required. Challenges exist in isolating areas to reduce costs while maintaining or improving service. Companies need to know that changes in supply chain strategy will not adversely impact critical service functions.

Paired with RateLinx’s Data-as-a-Strategy Platform companies have visibility to understand how changes will affect the supply chain before deployment. Shippers have a complete and detailed picture of their entire logistics operations. The system integrates data across order, shipment, tracking, and cost. Now, shippers can assess the real-time cost-of-service and pricing pressure by carrier, lane, mode, and more.

“Many companies have data, but they don’t trust it, because they don’t have the right data,” says Shannon Vaillancourt, President at RateLinx. “With our platform, shippers now have the right data to confidently make decisions to create real, measurable cost savings without adversely affecting service.”

A new, single data set with powerful, real-time analytics and KPIs quickly identify the cause of pricing pressure and provides alternative solutions. The intelligence empowers RateLinx customers to positively impact freight purchasing, inventory management, customer service, and more. 

The system powers new levels of data intelligence and detail. Accessorial charge detail allows customers to analyze line-item costs, effecting better carrier selection, and rate negotiation. All live dashboards, reports, and analytics are tailored to the customer’s nomenclature.

RateLinx continues to lead and power the future of logistics technology. With the new Data-as-a-Strategy platform, RateLinx positions itself as the premier partner for customers seeking to future-proof their supply chain strategies. 

About RateLinx

Founded in 2002 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, RateLinx delivers complete logistics intelligence in one place. We maximize companies’ visibility by integrating shipment, tracking, and freight invoice data in a single strategic platform. Our ecosystem is designed to eliminate data silos, automate processes, reduce logistics costs, and optimize operations. Customers get access to critical KPIs and analytics to improve decision making. Our data-first approach helps diagnose problems, develop validated cost-saving strategies, and deploy real cost savings. RateLinx is an award-winning company and recognized thought-leader in the logistics space. To learn more, visit


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