The move will deliver better security, scalability, and uptime to industry-leading logistics data platform

MADISON, WI (May 21, 2020) – RateLinx announced today the completion of the migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. This migration enables more capabilities within the RateLinx suite of cloud-based logistics solutions, in addition to ensuring better security, scalability, and uptime for their customers’ critical logistics operations.

RateLinx transitioned from a server managed infrastructure and security for the more agile, powerful Microsoft-managed environment. Now, the company leverages the Microsoft Azure platform to deliver a server-less architecture for its customers. The new cloud infrastructure allows the company to improve, test, and seamlessly deploy updates to customers. 

“Innovation has long been at the center of the RateLinx philosophy,” says Shannon Vaillancourt, President at RateLinx. “With this change, RateLinx is better equipped to continuously drive innovation to our customers and their logistics operations.”

This means more power for RateLinx to deliver faster and more powerful tools and analytics to its customers with the vast data-center network of Microsoft Azure. Due to this migration, customers will have access to system health metrics, advanced analytics, and reporting.

Launched in 2010, Microsoft Azure is among the largest cloud-computing vendors. The service is a recognized industry leader by Gartner and boasts a respectable list of Fortune 500 companies as customers. 

About RateLinx

Founded in 2002 and based in Madison, Wisconsin, RateLinx is a complete Supply Chain & Logistics shipping, visibility, and payment platform built on data quality to provide predictive analytics and prescriptive actions. The RateLinx ecosystem is designed to reduce logistics costs and optimize operations, providing companies with shipment management, supply chain visibility, and financial settlement solutions. RateLinx is a self-funded and debt-free, award-winning company and recognized thought-leader in the logistics space. To learn more, visit


Cory Comer, Director of Marketing
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