Scottsdale, Arizona and Woodridge, Illinois– June 4, 2024  –RateLinx, a Gartner top-ranked Transportation Management System (TMS) freight audit and pay (FAP) solution, and multicarrier parcel application, has announced a notable strategic alliance with Numina Group, a leading designer and integrator of warehouse automation solutions. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the logistics industry as two industry leaders join forces to enhance supply chain efficiency and streamline operations for businesses worldwide.

Shannon Vaillancourt, CEO of RateLinx, was eager to solidify this partnership, stating, “Our alliance with Numina Group represents a powerful combination of expertise and innovation. By integrating RateLinx’s advanced TMS capabilities with Numina Group’s cutting-edge warehouse automation technologies, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our customers, enabling them to optimize their supply chain operations like never before.”

RateLinx and Numina Group are united in their dedication to offering complete supply chain solutions that seamlessly align with clients’ operational processes. By eliminating manual tasks and leveraging accurate data, this partnership equips clients with the tools to make informed decisions and advance business growth.

Dan Hanrahan, President of Numina Group, echoed Vaillancourt’s sentiments, emphasizing the potential impact parcel and LTL shipment optimization software has on warehouse shipping cost reductions and improving the entire business’s supply chain performance. “At Numina Group, we are committed to improving the order fulfillment processes and then selecting and applying the right blend of software and automation technologies to achieve peak efficiency in warehouse operations,” said Hanrahan. “By partnering with RateLinx, we offer our clients an end-to-end warehouse automation solution integrated with RateLinx’s comprehensive suite of transportation software and services. Clients gain the tools needed to more profitably compete in today’s competitive marketplace.”

By automating warehouse and transportation execution into a unified operation, businesses will gain real-time visibility and automate the selection of parcel carrier and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipment modes. Warehouse Execution System (WES) combined with a multi-modal TMS can now drastically cut freight spend and reduce the cost of fulfilling order shipments.

About RateLinx:

RateLinx is a market leader and Gartner top-ranked provider of Transportation Management System (TMS) and Freight Audit and Pay solutions. With a focus on optimizing freight spend, automating processes, and scaling with businesses as their transportation complexity grows, RateLinx offers enterprise-quality TMS solutions that are easy to use, affordable, scalable, and powerful for inbound, outbound, and third-party shipments.

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About Numina Group:

Headquartered in Chicago, Numina Group is a leading designer and integrator of warehouse automation solutions, with a proven track record of successfully implementing thousands of projects in diverse warehouse environments throughout North America. The Numina Group specializes in developing leaner, more efficient warehouse processes that simplify and optimize warehouse order fulfillment operations, lowering operating costs and increasing accuracy. For more information, visit

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