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Annual Cost of Bad Data in the U.S.
Amount of time knowledge workers waste in hidden data factories.*
Wasted Time 50%
Fraction of time data scientists spend cleansing and organizing data.*
Time Cleansing and Organizing 60%
Total cost associated with hidden data factories in simple operations.*
Fraction of Total Cost 75%
*All figures as reported by Harvard Business Review.

How is data quality affecting your cost-savings initiatives?

Get insights to help you discover opportunities to drive savings. Additionally, your results will help guide  improvements in customer service, inventory, operations, and risk management.

Leverage our Data-Quality Engine to:

  • Highlight invoice inaccuracies and identify track and trace issues.
  • Guide operational improvements and risk management strategies.
  • Use rate modeling to assess financial impacts and improvements.

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“Most companies won’t be able to understand the bigger patterns driving freight spend if they don’t have a partner that produces really clean data and analytics.”

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