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Show Me (More Than) The Money

Learn how leading industrial and healthcare supplier Ecolab eliminated exceptions, rate-tolerances, and non-value-added work to gain valuable freight insights and reduce costs.

“Most companies can’t understand the bigger patterns driving freight spend without a partner that produces really clean data and analytics.”

Ryan Hanson
Director, North American Logistics, Ecolab

Is your freight audit process highly manual?

Are your freight spend insights limiting the results of your initiatives?

You’re not alone. Many companies experience excessive resource consumption trying to manage exceptions and glean financial insights from freight invoices—even when working with a traditional third-party freight audit company.

learn how Ecolab:

Eliminated Exceptions

High data quality removes exceptions and improves relationships.

Automated Processes

Technology empowers automation in highly manual processes.

Increased Results

Improved context and insights helps power better decisions.

We’re proud to support world-class supply chains.

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