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WM Synergy

Make rate tolerances, auditing invoices one by one, past due balances, and over-billing a thing of the past. Toss out the old way of auditing freight invoices and lean on technology to audit freight invoices faster and more accurately so you can become shipper of choice with your carriers.
Paul Tedford, WM Synergy CEO discusses what Infor VISUAL clients are looking for in a TMS (transportation management system).
Unlock the full potential of your shipping execution cycle to save time and streamline your operations. Discover the five often-overlooked automations that optimize your freight spend and processes. Hear from Paul Tedford, WM Synergy CEO, and Sean McGee of Wire Belt Company of America, a mid-sized manufacturing company that has mastered the art of streamlined transportation management. They're joined by Shannon Vaillancourt, CEO and founder of RateLinx.

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