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Make rate tolerances, auditing invoices one by one, past due balances, and over-billing a thing of the past. Toss out the old way of auditing freight invoices and lean on technology to audit freight invoices faster and more accurately so you can become shipper of choice with your carriers.
Sean McGee, Wire Belt project manager, discusses some of the shipping challenges they faced prior to implementing ShipLinx TMS.
Paul Tedford, WM Synergy CEO discusses the biggest shipping issues for Infor VISUAL clients.
Paul Tedford, WM Synergy CEO discusses what Infor VISUAL clients are looking for in a TMS (transportation management system).
Sean McGee, Wire Belt project manager, discusses how a transportation management system (TMS) helps manufacturers.
Sean McGee, Wire Belt project manager, discusses Wire Belt's RateLinx implementation.
Shannon Vaillancourt, RateLinx CEO, talks about the RateLinx implementation process.
Shannon Vaillancourt, RateLinx CEO, discusses the challenges RateLinx solved for Wire Belt.
Shannon Vaillancourt, RateLinx CEO, discusses TMS - ERP integration.
Sean McGee, Wire Belt project manager, discusses how ShipLinx helped Wire Belt achieve their business goals.
Paul Tadford, WM Synergy CEO, discusses the importance of having all modes in one place.
Shannon Vaillancourt, RateLinx CEO, discusses TMS - ERP integration.
Even the savviest shippers with processes in place to control parcel spend still leave money on the table. View our on-demand video with host, Marc Aliotta, Reveel VP, and hear from Josh Dunham, CEO of Reveel, and Shannon Vaillancourt, CEO and Founder of RateLinx, to find out how to revolutionize your parcel spend management through a data-driven approach tailored to you.
Unlock the full potential of your shipping execution cycle to save time and streamline your operations. Discover the five often-overlooked automations that optimize your freight spend and processes. Hear from Paul Tedford, WM Synergy CEO, and Sean McGee of Wire Belt Company of America, a mid-sized manufacturing company that has mastered the art of streamlined transportation management. They're joined by Shannon Vaillancourt, CEO and founder of RateLinx.
Leading distributors are constantly seeking new ways to improve their shipping planning and execution and improve their customers’ experiences. Find out how Power Sales and Advertising, Inc., a leading incentive distributor, transformed their shipping execution with a new easy-to-use TMS that kept everything in sync with their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics.
In this video, you will hear from Sean McGee of Wire Belt Company of America, a leading manufacturer, Paul Tedford, CEO of Synergy Resources, and Shannon Vaillancourt, President and Founder of RateLinx, and Supply Chain Now’s Scott Luton and Greg White to learn how integrating your ERP and TMS streamlines processes and makes it easy to manage your shipping in one place.
Learn how a large shipper with large and diverse product and supplier portfolios delivers excellent customer experience amid constantly changing and uncertain global supply chain conditions. Plus, you'll be able to join in the engaging discussion.
Join us as we discuss how shippers can deliver predictable customer experiences when global supply chain conditions are in a constant state of change and uncertainty.
RateLinx announced today it was named to this year’s SupplyChainBrain list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners after being nominated by their customers. The award adds to a growing list of awards and recognitions RateLinx has received this year.
RateLinx, a leading supply chain and logistics visibility and analytics platform, announced today the relocation of their headquarters to their recently opened new office location in Scottsdale, Arizona.
RateLinx announces the rollout of the latest enhancements to their real-time logistics software that improves the user experience.
RateLinx announces the promotion of Serena Conard to the role of Vice President of Customer Service.
Improve your supply chain and customer journey at the same time with these tips from best-selling author, speaker, and consultant Jim Tompkins.

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