Our Supply Chain Services

RateLinx is a supply chain service, technology & solutions provider for mid-to-large sized shippers focusing on optimization, predictive and real-time analytics through an advanced proprietary transportation and logistics platform. RateLinx products, solutions & services uniquely position a company for Big Data Intelligence, Transportation Optimization, and Sourcing Visibility. Through ShipLinx and the RateLinx Dashboard, shippers collaboratively develop effective and efficient tools that execute and analyze supply chain performance.


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Transportation Optimization

Transportation optimization
empowers global supply chains with
the software tools & services
required for multi-modal multi-carrier
intelligent execution.

Big Data Intelligence

Engineering of supply chain
management through Big Data
Intelligence accelerates comprehensive
analytics of supply chain decisions
and performance outcomes.

Sourcing Visibility

Advanced execution, data collection
and analytics tools provide
the visibility to sourcing decisions
through purchase order integration and
less-than-truckload simulations.

The Many V’s of Big Data

What is uncertain at this point is exactly how many V’s make up Big Data, what is certain is RateLinx’s ability to exceed expectations on all data requirements. Here is a quick breakdown of RateLinx’s technology in regards to Big Data.

How RateLinx Adds Context

Companies today acquire transportation systems, reporting technology and financial services from multiple providers including insourced corporate teams. Difficult integrations are attempted through custom files that create many exceptions & errors. Without this matching file context the following scenarios are created.

Blue Ocean & Greener Pastures

RateLinx has uniquely positioned our solutions in a Blue Ocean strategy, solving complex supply chain issues with visibility and optimization tools. An innovative technology and software development focus allows RateLinx engineers to customize all shipping workflows and accounting principles to the exact specifications of the client.