All of Your Logistics Intelligence in a Single Platform.

Get AI-driven data quality to fuel analytics, and dashboards for real-time supply chain visibility.

Maximize your visibility with all your shipment, tracking, and freight invoice intelligence in one place.​

Eliminate data silos and incomplete information.
Streamline your operations, save money, and improve insights.
Turn ship, track, and pay data into action.

Single Data Set

Improve logistics data accuracy and insights. Get cleansed and normalized data, customized with your nomenclature.

Real-Time Savings

Get insights to cost-savings delivered by new strategies. See your return-on-investment and budgets in real-time.

Lost Savings

See how much you’re losing using a non-preferred carrier based on your routing guide. Identify business rules you’re not following, costing you money.

Potential Savings

Determine what you could be saving using a preferred carrier. Identify which rules are out of date and costing you resources.

Bid Savings

Compare old contract pricing to new contract pricing and compare real savings. Identify pricing pressure by carrier, lane, shipment or order type, and more.

Freight by Mode

See your freight spend by mode. Analyze your shipment counts and costs by direction (inbound, outbound, interplant, and third-party), location, and carrier.

Charge Breakdown

Breakdown charges by category and % of spend. Get in-depth detail for line-haul, fuel, and accessorials (detention, stop-charges, sort-and-segregate, lift-gate, inside-delivery, and more).

Trusted by Leading Brands

Drive better data-quality, deliver better insights.

Our cloud-based data-cleansing technology leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to eliminate errors and standardize your data. It delivers more powerful insights and accurate analytics through an all-in-one logistics platform.

Streamline your logistics with a single dataset.

Collect and integrate data from carriers, ERP/WMS and more into one view. Connect your ship, track, and pay data to reduce costs, automate processes, and customize reporting.

Get more than data aggregation.

Integration is more than aggregation. Standardize and normalize the results continuously to see the whole picture. This single integrated data set delivers intelligence to strengthen your logistics strategies. 

Make data-driven decisions.

Quickly and easily diagnose issues. Minimize risk by validating your strategies will achieve the expected results. Plus, easily adapt to changes to your business, process, and customers. 

Advanced Data-as-a-Strategy Features

Dashboard & Analytics

Get predictive analytics with prescriptive actions.
  • Understand historical financial performance and recent trends.
  • Utilize exception alerts to prevent long-term invoice problems.
  • Leverage KPIs to make proactive and intelligent decisions.

Rate Modeling

Buy freight. Better.
  • Collaborate with carriers to become “Shipper of Choice” using a data-driven approach.
  • Discover the unintended consequences of new strategies before you deploy.
  • Apply established business rules to eliminate false savings.

Additional Features

Real-Time Integration

More flexible than traditional system integrations.

Actionable Analytics

Visualize valuable data that provides information, insight, and intelligence.

Custom Data

Include unique datasets and custom field names relevant to your business. 

Monitor Results

Real-time monitoring and alerts to quickly fix issues at their source.

Customized Reporting

Deliver customized reports to finance, operations, and sales.

Works with Any ERP and WMS

Seamlessly combine order and distribution data with logistics data.

Get the most from your logistics.

Talk to our team and get your data working for you.

“We wanted to make better decisions for our customers with this information–and better decisions about the freight carriers we were using. Using the intelligence gained by using RateLinx created a better outcome for all parties.”

Chief Information Officer
Large Home and Commercial Flooring Distributor

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