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Use Case:
Improving Freight Operations with Integrated Data.

Learn how Rockwell Automation uses RateLinx’s Data-as-a-Service to strategically improve its freight management operations.

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Reduce Costs and Automate Processes by
Integrating Order, Tracking, and Financial Data

As customer demands increase and order-to-delivery times decrease, the critical elements to improving logistics operations include:

Real-Time Freight Spend

Control costs and stay in budget with real-time access to your freight spend.

Invoice Management

Automate your freight invoice audit process, speed payment, and improve carrier relationships.

Advanced Analytics

Build customized dashboards with predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve decision making.

A Single Dataset

Connect, cleanse, and standardize data from all phases of the logistics life cycle into a single intelligence platform.

Reduce Costs

Optimize your logistics using real-time cost-of-service, reduce exceptions and eliminate rate tolerances.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“By having all this detailed data and each carrier’s base rate, we merge all that together so that out of your six carriers, for example, you can see which one should be used.”

Global Transportation Manager
Rockwell Automation

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