I started RateLinx with the idea that there was a better way to give companies complete visibility to their supply chain by offering a better way to deal with data. From the beginning, our focus has been on the use of integrated data to improve supply chain performance. The RateLinx Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) technology platform provides an integrated ecosystem with Track & Trace, Invoice Management and TMS. Our leading DaaS is the only solution to integrate data from multiple data streams in real time to create a clean integrated data foundation, enabling companies to transform their logistics, solve seemingly intractable problems and create a competitive advantage.

Integrated Data Solves Supply Chain Challenges

As the importance of good, clean data has become more widely understood, integrated data is what companies increasingly look for to solve their supply chain challenges. However, often they think they will receive integrated data by installing a single application. In our first conversation with a company, the logistics manager often will talk to us about wanting either Track & Trace or TMS because the market has been trained to buy solutions this way. The new concept is starting with the data first and using the data to drive the decision making.

Unfortunately, many companies have purchased a TMS because they believe they will finally have information at their fingertips about how they’re performing. They then attempt to bolt-on the track & trace, and invoice management piece from other providers. This bolt-on approach ultimately requires IT resources and more staff to clean and normalize the data to make it useable. In the end, this approach never works out the way the providers promised. How could it?


Data First to Drive Better Decisions

We always continue our conversation by asking the company about what problems they are trying to solve and follow up with, ‘How do you know a TMS will solve that? or ‘How do you know that Track & Trace will solve that? The company then begins to realize that maybe they’ve been looking at this the wrong way. A single application like Track & Trace, although useful, isn’t the engine that drives data-driven insights. It makes much more sense to start with the data first and use the right data to drive the decision making. Next they ask, ‘How do we find the right data we need to make decisions’? RateLinx Data Services with Intelligent Invoice Management is the answer and getting started is easy.

Integrated Data in 45 Days or Less

The DaaS model makes a logistics data and information solution more dynamic and affordable than a whole new TMS, not to mention that you can be up and running much faster. Our RateLinx DaaS installation goes something like this: We start with a kick-off call to go over the requirements and set the timeline, usually 45 days or less. We meet with IT staff only to tell them they won’t need to do much of anything.

Promises Kept

To ensure our customers maximize the value that they receive from the data and our software, RateLinx provides Managed Services to collaborate with your staff with extra support and expertise’a key differentiator in the market. Almost everybody we talk to has horror stories about their time trying to maintain some other provider’s solution. The simple task of rate maintenance in our competitor’s software can be an expensive hassle. One company we talked with had to argue with their previous provider to convince them that they didn’t do anything wrong and it was the software itself that had the problem. All of these issues go away with RateLinx because of our Managed Services group. After our customers have been using Data Services for a while, the comment we receive most often is both surprise and satisfaction that we did what we promised we would do.

If you’d like to speak with me about how RateLinx Data Services can help you tackle your biggest supply chain challenges by getting the integrated data you need, send me an email and we will get the conversation started.