When RateLinx develops software, we make sure there is a solution for a range of shipping customers. That is why we developed ShipLinx. ShipLinx is our mid-tier solution for shippers that want to use a multi-carrier, small parcel and LTL solution for execution only, and don’t require the sophisticated planning piece of a full-blown transportation management system, like the RateLinx ShipLinx TMS.

A Logistics Software Solution Tailored for Small Parcel and LTL

Like the ShipLinx TMS, ShipLinx leverages a powerful internal LTL rating engine for carriers that do not have a rating API. This allows shippers to choose the optimal carrier on every shipment and not have to rely on a color-coded map to know which carrier to use.

Powered by the rating engine, ShipLinx is tailor-made for companies that require one shipping system for both small parcel and LTL, and is integrated with their ERP/WMS. ShipLinx is currently utilized by some of the largest small parcel and LTL shippers in the United States and is capable of processing 25-250,000 shipments per day.

One Powerful Rating Engine/API

ShipLinx logistics software provides a rich interface allowing you to maintain your discounts, floor charges, and FAK settings. You have the ability to setup tiered FAKs along with discounts and floor charges by state or zip code range. The rate setup also allows you to setup and manage the accessorial charges such as Lift Gate, Residential, Limited Access, and more. This ensures you receive a complete rate for every shipment.

ShipLinx is architected in a way that provides an easy to use interface based on the mode for the given shipment. When processing small parcel shipments, it requires very little user input, and is setup to pull all of the required information from the ERP/WMS integration. This provides a very fast and low-touch interface where a single user can process thousands of packages per day.

When ShipLinx is being used for LTL shipments, it can leverage the integration to pull the freight class, pallet quantity, piece count, and more that is required for an LTL shipment. If the ERP/WMS does not have all of this information, then the system will prompt the user for missing data. It’s that simple.

ShipLinx Is the Key to Your Long-Term Small Parcel & LTL Logistics Strategy

With the ability to be customized and integrated into your existing long-term logistics strategy, ShipLinx is the right choice. Its capable of tightly integrating with any process you have in place through a direct API, black box, or front end integration method. It can be deployed in a way that fits each company best while still using the power of the rating engine at its core.

To learn how you can get started using ShipLinx, send me a message or fill out the form on our contact page.