You may have noticed. RateLinx looks a bit different.

This week, we launched a new RateLinx logo and website. While we certainly adored our old logo, our solutions have evolved to serve our customers better, and it was time our branding to change to represent the evolution better.

With our roots in a small parcel manifesting system, we’ve grown to provide our customers with a comprehensive end-to-end logistics visibility and optimization platform. To our customers, partners and carriers, our logo and messaging didn’t convey who we served or how.

Old RateLinx Logo

We desired to change that. We needed a mark that tells the customers exactly what we do. Our name says a lot, connecting rates to intelligence. But it was missing a piece.

Logistics. Visibility. Direction.

We embarked on a journey as we sifted and sorted through visuals representing everything from data to transportation. It was a challenge to select a visual that communicated all three. Suddenly, it was everywhere: maps, cellphones, compasses—a subtle, understated and commonplace symbol we all understand: a navigation arrow.

Navigational arrow and word-cloud

It fit perfectly who and what we are-and right into our name.

New RateLinx Logo

But this road was not just about the RateLinx logo. It was about our message. We have a sophisticated platform that solves complex supply chain problems. However, when you boil it down, it’s really quite simple:

Ship. Track. Pay.

The value we deliver to customers is integrated data, advanced analytics, and actionable intelligence to optimize the entire logistics lifecycle. We deliver our intelligence using an advanced, data-first approach we call “Logistics in 3DSM” and our ecosystem of ShipLinx TMS, TracLinx Track & Trace, and PayLinx IIM.

RateLinx Ship, Track, Pay

Simply put, we accelerate your supply chain. It’s our X-factor.

RateLinx new X icon

We are so excited about this change, we’ve already begun to roll it out. You’ll notice our new logo, icons and messaging across our website, advertising, and the RateLinx ecosystem.

Everything has changed, and nothing has. We’re still RateLinx. We’re still delivering powerful solutions, with excellent service, by awesome people.

We’re just more us.