Parcel Forum 15 Shows Need to Turn Freight Data Into Information

Every year we look forward to Parcel Forum and Parcel Forum 15 in Chicago did not disappoint. This was our 3rd year attending the show and we are already signed up to go again next year where it will be held in Dallas for the second time. We learned a lot from listening to what people had to say about small parcel shipping. Here are a few thoughts on the show:

Parcel Forum 15: Data vs. Information

We met with many companies at the show, and after the usual question of ‘What does RateLinx do’?, the most common question we heard was ‘How do we gain visibility to our freight data? Data by itself is of no use unless it’s accurate, understandable and usable. That’s when it becomes information, and information is what you need to build an effective logistics strategy. The ability to turn data into information is a prevalent theme with many companies today they want visibility into their spend, their deliveries, their inbound freight, and more.

Closing the Circle on Your Freight Information

The common problem everyone seemed to have was that they can’t find a solution that can ‘close the circle’ on a shipment. This means having visibility into it from the time it was created until the time it is paid. At this point in the conversation, we explain how our Enterprise Solution closes that circle by having the ShipLinx TMS record matched to the freight invoice during the Freight Audit process. Then, it displays the combined, organized dataset through the Dashboard. You can learn more about this here.

Take Control of Your Postal Shipping

Another unique feature of RateLinx is its ability to give the customer visibility to its spend on postal shipments this is important, as you never receive postal invoices from most traditional freight audit companies. For many large parcel shippers, this could mean they have no visibility into to approximately 60% of their shipments. Imagine how hard it is to determine which regional parcel carrier should be used when a large portion of your shipments are missing from the analysis. How do you determine which postal services you should be using when you don’t even have visibility to the services currently employed?

RateLinx: The Intelligent Shipping Solution

Parcel Forum 15 was a great show, filled with enlightening workshops and events. Many regional parcel carriers I met with told me that RateLinx ShipLinx TMS is one of the only systems in the market that truly supports all services that regional parcel carriers provide. This allows shippers to deploy their regional carrier strategy completely’and obtain the highest value. Make no mistake: postal freight is still a very viable option for many shippers and big data is more prevalent in small parcel than ever before.

If you’re a parcel shipper that would like to learn what RateLinx can do for your business, don’t hesitate to contact me.