Logistics & Supply Chain Forum Recap, CFO Summit XXIX Preview

The 2014 Logistics & Supply Chain Forum is a different event from the Parcel Forum and JOC Conference. It is much more intimate with great one-on-one conversations with other logistics professionals. An event like this allows us to have in-depth conversations and the chance to learn about how different companies are dealing with logistics challenges that exist today.

We met with several companies that are having challenges with capacity, which is due to driver shortage, and supply chain visibility. We took this time to explain how the RateLinx Auction Module can help reach additional capacity to address these issues. Then by utilizing an integrated platform like ours, they can obtain visibility they are missing, and finally have integrated shipping intelligence. In fact, we had one company representative point to our display and say that this is exactly what he needs Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM.

Redefining Accountability and Challenging Audacious Levels of Leadership

I attended the opening keynote ‘The Radical Edge: The Extreme Leader’s Guide to Uncommon Achievement’ which covered how to create remarkable legacies at work and at home. A key takeaway was that we all have a role in getting our clients to love us. We are in the service business and provide high value to our customers, yet our customers need to see and hear we are passionate about the work we do, who we are as a company and that we care about them as customers. So, to keep providing value to customers, a company must be innovative and flexible with the ability to customize to integrate with a customer’s vast needs.

As I listened, I was being reminded of what we do at RateLinx. Gillette ‘Owns the Face.’ Huggies is not in the diaper business but rather in the business of creating happy babies and moms. RateLinx is not just in the logistics solutions business but in the business of making people’s jobs easier, helping them see beyond the data and achieving the savings they’ve been looking for. We are 100% focused on ‘making things better’ and paving the way for organizations to make better decisions, be faster and be more profitable. We love what we do and we get excited about solving problems by offering the tools, technologies and people to ease or erase the pain point.


RateLinx Answers Today’s Needs

The industry has been begging for a logistics solution provider that has all of the technology and tools to manage freight but also getting the logistics data. RateLinx answers that call. We are always innovating, we are all about customization, and we integrate to meet the growing demands of the market including freight and logistics data.

Similar to the Parcel Forum and JOC Inland Distribution Conference, everyone is beginning to understand how powerful information is. Every organization prior to a relationship with RateLinx seems to be drowning in data and starving for information. But it’s more than just having data. You have to take it and turn it into usable data that will lead to the strategies required to compete in today’s markets. We help measure, monitor and improve logistics performance by leveraging the data to ensure reported supply chain savings show up on your P&L statements. This in turn drives down transportation costs, and most importantly, we turn logistics departments into a strategic asset. We love providing Integrated Shipping Intelligence because it is truly the ‘secret sauce’ that organizations have been waiting for.

Stay Tuned for CFO Summit XXIX and American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

We are attending and presenting at the CFO Summit XXIX, November 13-15. I’m anxious to see everyone’s response to the case study that we are presenting, ‘Improving Shareholder Value: How Leading-Edge Logistics Approaches Can Impact Profitable Growth, Margin Improvement and Capital Efficiency.’ It will illustrate how valuable it is to have Integrated Shipping Intelligence. For more on this, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email. We will also be attending the American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit December 8-10 in Dallas, Texas.