SCOPE Fall Supply Chain Conference; Freight Visibility with No IT

We are excited to meet with shippers this coming week at the SCOPE Fall Supply Chain Conference and Procurement Summit in Los Angeles from August 27-29. This is the second year of attending the fall and spring SCOPE conferences and each time we attend, the level of interest in the RateLinx solution grows. You can read about our spring conference experience in Atlanta, where we met with retail, high-tech companies, distributors and manufactures. We have found that companies across the US are facing the same issues. They are looking for actionable data to help them with their short- and long-term decision making, and they are trying to get their hands wrapped around their freight visibility through the use of track & trace data, often with limited IT resources.

We like the format of the SCOPE conference with the scheduled one-on-one meetings with the delegates, which we find to be very informative and effective. The scheduled time allows us to meet with companies and begin diagnosing the issues they face. We are excited to be able to talk about possible solutions with companies we are meeting for the first time, as well as reconnect with a few companies we have met with previously to continue our conversation and discuss some strategies that can be developed with our system.

Freight Visibility With No IT

We anticipate the key issues that will dominate our conversations will be actionable data, limited IT resources and the lack of freight visibility. Most companies come to us looking for a solution to a specific problem. Even so, we start our meetings by asking lots of questions. We do this to help us learn what is important to the person we are talking with and what are the real issues they are trying to solve. Oftentimes a person tells us they have data issues and problems with freight visibility and they are looking at implementing a TMS to solve both of those issues. They are right about their issues with data and freight visibility. By the end of the meeting however, they realize that a TMS won’t solve these problems What’s worse, with their limited IT resources, it will take years and millions of dollars to implement a TMS that won’t fully address their needs. One company we talked with last year said they were on the fifth year of a three-year TMS installation and there was no end in sight.

There is no need for such a long arduous process to get visibility! Companies can get the data they need to solve their logistics problems’quickly’by using our Intelligent Invoice Management’ and ShipIinx software. You can obtain clean, accurate data with no internal IT support. If you would like to learn how to get (and use data) to improve your logistics decisions, please contact me.