Shippers Find Big Data and Visibility Solutions at CSCMP 2016

We recently returned from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Conference 2016 in Kissimmee, Florida. The highlight for us this year was focusing more on visibility and how Intelligent Invoice Management (IIM) may be used to provide additional visibility to our customers’ freight to ensure it is delivered on time.

This is our third year in a row attending CSCMP. After each conference we’ve become more strategic in how this conference can help us learn how the RateLinx solution can solve our customers’ and prospective customers’ problems. Our Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Nate Endicott attended with the key objectives of talking with a fey of our key customers who were there and talking with other providers about potential visibility solutions that could have their data integrated into Intelligent Invoice Management (IIM) beyond the three main pieces that are integrated today (order data, shipment data and carrier invoice data).

Overcoming Hurdles Analyzing Big Data

The common theme at CSCMP this year was Big Data and how it can be utilized to improve a shipper’s supply chain. Most shippers know that Big Data can help them not only understand their problems but how to reach potential solutions by thorough analytics and simulations which will show how potential changes would affect their supply chains.

The biggest hurdle that Nate heard from shippers at the conference is that they don’t know where to get started when they want to begin analyzing Big Data. They have the right ingredients with order data, shipment data, carrier invoice data, but they don’t know how to put them in a bowl and mix them up right to deliver the insight and intelligence they want. That’s where IIM can help shippers; by taking these three ingredients and integrating them with the proper proportions to deliver the shipping intelligence that each company needs.

Specializing in Integration and Customization

What we are hearing is above all, shippers want visibility to their freight. However, each shipper requires their own ‘insight and intelligence flavor’ and this is why RateLinx specializes in integration and customization. We have more than 300+ flavors reflecting our 300+ customers’ requirements. For example, some shippers require more visibility than the carriers traditional EDI 214 can provide. Nate talked to a few providers who offer solutions that can provide a 15-minute ping of where the shipment is.

Using IIM to integrate these different ingredients together with the carrier’s EDI 214 data can provide a shipper with immediate value. It can be leveraged by the customer service staff by alerting them of any exceptions that will cause a shipment to be late. This also provides the long-term value of being able to understand the historic disruptions that have occurred in the supply chain and allow the shipper to develop strategies to try to prevent them.

Big Data is the Common Theme

CSCMP is a great educational conference where we are able to connect with supply chain professionals and learn what challenges they are facing and how they are solving them. The variety of companies that attend the conference along with the size of the event makes it a must attend for us every year. We hope to you see you at CSCMP 17. Big Data has been the common theme at the most recent three events we have attended. If you would like to talk further about how you can harness Big Data, you can reach me at