CSCMP 2015: An Enlightening Look At the Future of Logistics

We just got back from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Conference 2015 in San Diego, CA. This is our second year in a row attending CSCMP. It’s one of the larger conferences we attend, and we have found CSCMP to be a great opportunity to connect with other supply chain professionals and stay up to date on the latest logistics trends and technologies.

This year’s show featured an impressive lineup, including speakers from some of the biggest companies in the world, like Starbucks’ Howard Schultz and Amazon’s Dave Clark. During the three days of the conference, we had the chance to attend many educational sessions. Echoing our experience at the North American Supply Chain Executive Summit, it’s increasingly apparent that we are entering the supply chain information age. Companies are more focused than ever in figuring out how to extract actionable information from their shipping data.

Conquering the Frustrations of Supply Chain Management

Most of the people that we talked to during the conference were focused on data and analytics. That’s great for us we can talk for days on how our RateLinx Enterprise Solution is built to capture data, analyze it and turn it into usable information through the Dashboard. We saw an enthusiastic response to our new mobile app; people were impressed by how you can quickly view KPIs on your phone. Companies are leveraging their data in many ways, and being able to access it through mobile devices so they can quickly view the health of their supply chain is crucial.

A personal highlight of the conference for me was listening to LeanCor Supply Chain Group CEO Robert Martichenko, who received CSCMP’s Distinguished Service Award, deliver his acceptance speech. At one point, he showed a video of his two teenage daughters, who were asked if they knew what their father did for a living. They said that they weren’t really sure, but that it involved moving things and it sometimes resulted in sadness and frustration. To me, Robert’s daughters captured the very essence of being in the supply chain industry. That’s why I founded RateLinx. If we can help make a supply chain executive’s life less frustrating, it’s a job well done. While problems can’t always be prevented, it’s our mission to give companies instant visibility into their supply chain so they can react to the various disruptions that occur as quickly as possible.

Up Next:
If you weren’t able to attend CSCMP 2015 and would like to learn more about RateLinx, we’ll be attending Parcel Forum 15 on October 15-19 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. Please email me if you’d like to schedule a meeting.


Image Source: By Bernard Gagnon (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons