Beyond Software, RateLinx Offers Solutions at the Logistics and Supply Chain Forum

The Logistics and Supply Chain Forum is one of our favorite conferences because of its structure. We are able to talk beyond software to focus on solutions. This week at the Four Seasons Scottsdale, we connected with about 40 senior supply chain leaders and had great conversations with each of them, learning what challenges they are facing and the approaches that they’ve taken to try to solve them.

We’ve been attending this forum for two years and will be attending it for many to come. The connections we make with companies and the conversations that we have with the attendees have become an invaluable way to stay in touch with the challenges that companies are facing with respect to logistics.

RateLinx: More than Just Software

This conference had very similar themes to the conferences we’ve attended all year. This seems to be the year of companies wanting to leverage data and software for better decision making, and for better visibility to where their freight is. Most of our talks revolved around how our Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM (IIM) can pull the order, item, tracking, and freight invoice data together to provide the complete picture on a company’s freight spend.

Many companies that we talked to stated that they were glad that they met us because they liked our refreshing approach. Most companies in our space are selling software, whereas we are selling a solution to a company’s problem. We have the software that can be deployed to help solve these problems by bridging any gaps in their current systems.

Standardizing Data and Vocabulary

One company that we talked to was trying to solve the data consistency challenge that affects many large organizations. Most of the F1000 companies have grown through acquisition and the challenge is blending all of these backend systems together and creating one platform that houses all the data for decision making. Not only do you have to integrate the data, but then you have to standardize it. As we know, many of our customers have their own vocabulary so when you have multiple companies that have been acquired you have to standardize that vocabulary. This is another area where IIM can help by standardizing this vocabulary so that each location is talking in the same language.

I also think that IIM helps us standardize the vocabulary that our customer uses when talking with their carriers. I believe that this is how the RateLinx solution allows a company to see beyond the data to find the savings they’ve been looking for.

If you are ready for a solution beyond software to address your logistics challenges, just send me an email and I will get back to you.