Integrated Shipping Intelligence

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Intelligent Invoice Management℠

Freight Audit is obsolete. It’s slow and the information is outdated when it is finally collected and reviewed. That’s why we developed a smarter way to both process freight invoices and become more strategic about freight planning and execution to reduce your freight spend. We call it Intelligent Invoice Management.

3 Datasets Combined into One

Our Intelligent Invoice Management (IIM) freight service is completely different from traditional Freight Audit and Payment. We look forward not backwards. We help you work with the right carriers before you ship to ensure they will comply with your business rules and avoid errors. Then our dynamic invoice payment system collects three datasets in real-time:

  • Order data from the ERP or WMS (for outbound sale and inbound purchase)
  • Shipment data from the TMS, and
  • Detailed invoice data directly from the carrier.

Our next step is to match, cleanse, standardize and normalize the data. Within 24 hours, and usually in 8 hours, you’re viewing the invoice in the combined, standardized dataset on the RateLinx Dashboard. You have the flexibility to customize payment terms and adjust, credit or deny any invoice from multiple locations. With complete visibility to what’s happening in your supply chain, problems can be fixed immediately. Strategy and execution can be fine-tuned before costly errors add up.

Creating Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM

With IIM, you no longer have to rely on your carrier to collect the additional attributes about your shipments such as PO, Order Number, Customer ID, etc. The integration of the TMS data with the invoice data received from the carrier will bridge this data gap. And unlike a traditional freight audit provider, we don’t collect the invoice data just to make adjustments. We collect the data for the real-time intelligence it provides.

This combined dataset becomes the foundation to build your strategic platform on. With it you will create Integrated Shipping Intelligence, allowing you to find and measure the strategies to significantly reduce your freight costs.

Intelligent Invoice Management Snapshot
  • Custom, dynamic invoice payment service
  • Collects, matches and standardizes data from 3 datasets in real-time
  • View freight invoices within 24 hours on the Dashboard software tool provided
  • Correct any problems quickly to avoid costly, suboptimal shipping
  • Works with any ERP and WMS
  • Custom data capture for EDI & hard-copy invoicing
  • Capture and reduce carrier invoicing errors
  • Submit electronic payment to carriers
  • No comingling of carrier payments
  • SSAE 16 Certified
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