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The RateLinx Enterprise shipping solution brings an approach to logistics management like you’ve never seen before. Our software and services suite creates a strategic platform to let you find freight strategies through data, test the strategies through modeling, execute the strategies with ShipLinx TMS, and measure and monitor the successful results of the strategies with the Dashboard.

The foundation of the Enterprise Suite is built on data collection. Only RateLinx connects order data, shipment data and invoice data with our dynamic Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM payment system. With complete visibility to transactions within 24 hours, RateLinx provides actionable Integrated Shipping IntelligenceSM saving millions of dollars for our customers as they reduce shipping costs, increase efficiency and work smarter with carriers.


Customized, Integrated

The stand-out feature that distinguishes RateLinx Enterprise from other solutions is that the entire suite of software and services is integrated together. Your custom routing rules in the TMS are used during Rate Modeling to make analysis of a carrier’s rates more accurate. These rules are also used during the Intelligent Invoice Management audit function, to provide an accurate compliance picture and ensure modeled savings are truly recognized. The integration of the services and software provides a real-time view into your transportation network through Dashboard.

Unique Rating Engine

At the core of the RateLinx Enterprise solution is one rating engine. Our proprietary Rating Engine drives an integrated ecosystem. Data is collected, cleansed and standardized into one powerful dataset. One click allows you to send data to the TMS, invoice payment system and analytics engines.


Keep Your TMS – If You Want To

Most companies cringe when they think about having to replace their current TMS. With the RateLinx Enterprise solution, you don’t have to replace your current TMS, although once you learn more about our ShipLinx TMS, you may want to try it out. You can use only the pieces of our rating engine that you need – like only small parcel or LTL or Ocean. You can deploy that piece and still take advantage of the analytics our rating engine provides.

Fast, Accurate and Scalable

RateLinx has completed more than 300 successful integrations at 10,000 locations. RateLinx software engineers provide rapid product launches with limited client IT involvement and VPN service for local premise integrations. Pricing is based on per-transaction fees to scale with your business.

Enterprise Suite of Software and Services
  • Intelligent Invoice Management
  • ShipLinx TMS
  • Auction Module
  • Supplier Portal
  • Dashboard
  • Rate Modeling/Analytics
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