Simple Pricing with Features You Can Pick & Choose

As a Gartner top-ranked TMS for simplicity, it’s also built into the pricing of our enterprise-quality TMS. Our pricing is straight forward.   
  • No hidden costs or expensive professional service fee
  • One-time implementation fee with 30 day implementation 
  • Fixed monthly subscription 

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Affordable & Flexible End-to-End Optimization

With ShipLinx TMS and RateLinx Freight Audit, start small with a few features, add more as you grow or buy the whole integrated platform. Customers see the highest ROI when they pair ShipLinx TMS and RateLinx Freight Audit with our carrier resolution and procurement/ rate management services for closed-loop transportation management optimization. Our self-service software pricing includes a minimal one-time implementation fee with a fixed monthly subscription. 


Unlike any other solution on the market, we believe in helping our customer maximize the value from our solutions to cut freight spend and optimize processes. Because of this, we  don’t believe in charging for professional services. 

ShipLinx TMS & RateLinx Freight Audit Features

ShipLinx TMS

  • Powerful Multi-Modal Rating Engine & Rate Repository for All Parcel, LTL & TL in One Place
  • Globally certified with UPS & FedEx and over 25K+ Carriers
  • Rate Shopping by Lowest Rate & Time-In-Transit
  • Unlimited users, locations, carriers, and modes
  • Small Parcel Manifesting
  • Inbound, Outbound & 3rd-Party Shipping
  • Customized Shipment Tracking Email Alerts
  • Freight Invoice Integration
  • Extensibility
  • Inbound Portal for Suppliers
  • Visual Reporting
  • TL Spot Quote Auction
  • Automated Packing Slips, commercial invoices, eBOLs, ePOD, labels, international documents, packing lists and tracking
  • Automated customizable business and rating rules
  • Real-Time ERP, WMS, WES,& OMS Integration
  • Load Building, Pooling & Consolidation Optimization
  • Multi-stop TL shipments
  • Web-based Rate Estimate, Shipment & Tracking Screens

RateLinx Freight Audit

  • Powerful Multi-Modal Rating Engine & Rate Repository for All Parcel, LTL & TL in One Place
  • Rate Resolution with Carriers for Invoice Discrepancies
  • Automated Cost Allocation by G/L Code & Cost Center
  • $0 Rate Tolerance
  • Freight Charge Accruals
  • $0 Carrier Onboarding
  • Review & Audit
  • Rate Setup & Maintenance
  • Rate Procurement
  • Final Freight Bill Creation after Audit
  • Savings & Missed Savings Opportunities Reports
  • Carrier Invoice Management
  • Detailed Freight Charges (Item, Location, Fuel Surcharges, Discounts, Accessorial, Floor, Cost/Mile & Cost/Lane and MORE!
  • Freight Housing Agreements
  • Carrier Payment by EFT
  • ERP Integration of Freight Invoices
  • LTL RFP Process Management
  • Integration of over 25K Carriers
  • Visual KPI Dashboards to Spot Trends
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Cleansing

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