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RateLinx Analysts Collaborate with You; Remove Onus from End User

Our dedicated RateLinx Analysts collaborates closely with customers to develop logistics strategies that solve your greatest shipping problems. Because of our experience over the years, we realized that there are many software tools in the market that can do similar things to ours – with one significant difference. They always place the onus on the end user to figure out the best way to use the tools. If the end user can’t figure it out, then they have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get help, and often times they deploy a strategy that doesn’t provide any value. This is why we see many partially deployed solutions where the customer just ran out of money or was afraid of spending more money on what may be another invaluable strategy.

The idea of creating the RateLinx Analyst position has been percolating for a few years. Finally it hit me at the end of last year that we had a handful of customers that were leveraging the RateLinx solution very strategically and the one thing they were doing differently was they were working closely with me and sharing their short-term and long-term goals. They would then ask for advice around how the data could be used to help diagnose some of their logistics pain. We would model some of their possible strategies to see what would be most successful. Then we would deploy these strategies using the various RateLinx software modules within ShipLinx, and create the appropriate KPI’s to measure the successful implementation of the strategy.

We have found that sharing best practices with our customers during the diagnostic and strategy development stages of the process are incredibly important. In order to develop (and deploy) a strategy that leverages the software to actually solve the problem at hand, you need to have the logistics experience to truly understand the problem. This is why we created the position of RateLinx Analyst.

The Unique Value for Shippers

In simple terms, the RateLinx Analyst is a person with industry experience who collaborates with our customers to help them correctly diagnose their logistics issues, develop their strategies, and deploy their solutions using RateLinx software. The RateLinx Analyst also has a dedicated team they collaborate with internally to ensure that our customers are getting the best support possible.

The RateLinx Analyst offers unique value to our customers in terms of perspective. They understand the business case our customer is trying to solve. They leverage their experience from within the industry and from developing related solutions for RateLinx customers, to provide perspective to solve a particular challenge.

The RateLinx Analyst is available to collaborate with a customer several ways and often. It’s up to each customer to let us know their preferred method. I find we have a lot of conference calls and some face-to-face meetings.

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Who Can Leverage RateLinx Analysts?

Any one of our customers can add a RateLinx Analyst to their service offering. I do think the customer should be using Intelligent Invoice ManagementSM (IIM) to ensure we have the clean, standardized data to diagnose and develop the strategy. Here is an example to explain why. Once we had a new customer start up with IIM and we talked about using their data from their current freight audit company. Before they came on board, they complained that the data was not good. I asked them why they used the freight audit company, and the answer was “because their 3-way match ensured we were paying the right dollar amount.” Then I asked them why we couldn’t use the data to diagnose, and develop any strategies, and their answer was, “We don’t trust it.” That’s why I think you have to be using IIM in order to truly trust the diagnosis, and the strategy that is developed.

Ultimately, RateLinx Analysts are objective. We don’t have a list of preferred carriers. We don’t mark up any freight. Instead we are carrier neutral, and transparent. The value a RateLinx Analyst adds to a shipping strategy is unique perspective from years of industry knowledge and knowledge of current trends and practices. This provides confidence you are executing the best strategy possible to solve your biggest shipping problems.

We now have two RateLinx Analysts on staff in addition to me. Kevin Hanselmann, has worked at RateLinx and was promoted into this role. Prior to joining RateLinx, he worked as a truckload carrier account representative for Kraft. Beth Mueller joined us as a RateLinx Analyst from S.C. Johnson where she filled multiple logistics roles so she is quite familiar with the challenges shippers face.

If you would like to discuss how a RateLinx Analyst could collaborate with you to solve your greatest shipping problems, please reach out to me.

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Shannon Vaillancourt is president and founder of RateLinx. Since launching in 2002, Shannon has led Ratelinx software implementation initiatives with more than 300 integrations in 10,000 locations customized for individual customer needs. He designs the unique predictive modeling engine that allows businesses of all sizes to experience freight savings faster in real-time and at a much higher level than ever before through Integrated Shipping Intelligence℠.

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